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Table of contents

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Did you know that a method can return multiple values in C#? That’s thanks to tuples and deconstruction!

Today, let’s continue our web 3D runner game and create some objects to populate our level!

What really is free will?

What really is free will?

Discover a virtual Parisian gallery made entirely in CG lit by a sweet sunrise!

Let’s continue our RTS game and implement a custom input manager for some shortcuts!

Here’s a little animation I made in 1h to play around with Blender object constraints!

About this render

Creating the gears

Did you know you can create your own panels in Blender using the Python API?

Why should you create your own tools?

Let’s keep working on our web runner game and add an infinite plane with a little trick that relies on shaders!

Mina Pêcheux

I’m a freelance full-stack web & game developer. I’m passionate about topics like CGI, music, data science and more! Find me at: https://minapecheux.com :)

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