The “no-code movement”: will programmers be put out of business?

The benefits of no-code tools…

No-code tools are like LEGO bricks: they’re a fun way to learn how to build something complex from small pieces!

… and the drawbacks?

Can you really learn programming that easily?

Is programming only about coding?

Programming is not only about coding up language-specific syntax sentences: it’s truly about building a sound architecture to solve the problem in an optimal way!

How opinionated languages can be linked to the no-code philosophy

What are opinionated languages?

How does this connect to the no-code movement?

  • in a no-code solution, one button will have one specific function
  • in a strongly opinionated toolbox, a single command can be in charge of a complex yet single step of the process (e.g. Django’s startproject command line)

So can the no-code movement bring everyone to the party: are developers over?

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